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Management Systems

Are you starting up a new business? Do you need a systematic approach to managing work health and safety? A well-documented system ensures a consistent approach to how workplace health and safety is managed. Crest Safety and Training develop work health and safety management systems, tailored to your business, that not only enable a safe working environment but assist in meeting legal obligations

Management System Auditing

Do you have an existing work health and safety management system? Do you need help identifying any deficiencies? Are you preparing for certification? Have you had an external audit and need help addressing non-conformances? We can conduct an independent audit that identifies action areas. We can also develop solutions to identified non-conformances.

Risk Register Workshops

We will facilitate risk register workshops that assist your organisation in identifying critical areas of risk, the adequacy of current controls and recommendations for further control measures. The outcome includes a list of essential activities and current controls for your organisation to get started. Further analysis will identify where high-risk activities occur, the suitability of current controls and recommendations for other risk treatment.

These workshops provide a great starting point for developing a safety management system. In addition, we can schedule a periodic business review to identify areas of change and the adequacy of existing controls.

Tailored WHS training

We develop and deliver training designed to support your business’s strategic objectives and to encourage safe behaviours. Our training solutions facilitate improved understanding of legislative obligations, increased understanding of roles and responsibilities, improved risk management processes, improved WHS performance and initiate cultural change.

Most importantly, they help to keep your people safe!

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